Control box SPD for rainwater pumping stations

Control box SPD for rainwater pumping stations

SPD - Rainwater Pumping Station Control is a professional solution for: housing estate communities, companies, plants and municipal units

DAMBAT Jastrzębski SKA offers professional control cabinets for controlling the operation of pumps in pumping stations: household (SPP), sewage (SPS), rainwater (SPD), sewage treatment plants and according to special guidelines of the ordering party (SPI). All cabinets manufactured by us have a number of protections and facilities necessary to ensure proper operation and protection of your pumps.

Control boxes for the SPD type rainwater pumping station

  • SPD 2×1,1 – 2,2kW_230V+5P – power supply for two 230V pumps with a power of 1.1 to 2,2kW,
  • SPD 2×1,1 –  30kW_400V+5P – power supply for two 400V pumps with a power of 1,1 to 30kW.
  • SPD 3×1,1 – 2,2kW_230V+5P – power supply for three 230V pumps with a power of 1.1 to 2.2 kW,
  • SPD 3×1,1 –  30kW_400V+5P – power supply for three 400V pumps with power from 1.1 to 30kW.

Implemented functions:

  • Power supply for two or more pumps 1-230V or 3-400V,
  • Direct start for pumps up to 4kW, above 5kW star-delta or Soft-Start,
  • Main switch, residual current device,
  • Motor overload protection for each pump,
  • Phase failure or phase sequence sensor (only for 3-400V pumps),
  • Auto-0-Manual: Automatic operation, manual switching off or switching on of pumps,
  • 4 Control Levels: Dry Run – Stop – Start 1 – Start 2 – Alarm,
  • Alternating (sequential) operation of pumps, In case of failure of one of the pumps, the next one starts automatically, With a long continuous operation, e.g. 20 minutes of one pump, a change occurs,
  • Control panel (buttons and switches) on the board inside the cabinet,
  • Signaling of operation and failure of each pump with lights on the board,
  • Level signaling: Dry run and Alarm with lights on the board,
  • Optical failure indication:
    • pump failure,
    • exceeded alarm level in the pumping station.
  • Optional:
    • Protection circuit 1-2 or CR3.1 controller to signal leakage in the engine compartment or oil chamber,
    • pump operation time counter,
    • Pump start counter,
    • 230V service socket,
    • Generator socket + Network-0-Generator switch,
    • voltmeters and ammeters,
    • SOFT-START for soft starting and stopping of the pump,

To work with our SPD control cabinets, we recommend the ZSP-5 level signaling set consisting of:

  1. Float level switches – 5 pcs.
  2. Chain Ø3 DIN 763 made of stainless steel A4 – 1 pc.
  3. Stainless steel shackles Ø4 long A4 – 2 pcs.
  4. Stainless hook Ø10 stainless steel A2 – 1 pc.
  5. Cast iron chain weight – 1-2 pcs.
  • Upper alarm float – signals exceeding the permissible level of sewage in the tank and activates the optical signaling on the control cabinet housing.
  • Float Start 2 – is responsible for the upper working level in the pumping station at which the reserve pump is switched on. Start float 2 engages when it is up.
  • Start 1 float – is responsible for the upper working level in the pumping station at which the first pump is switched on. Retention in the tank is regulated by the distance of this float from the Stop float, but remember that the Start 1 float is activated when it is up.
  • Float Stop – responsible for the lower working level of sewage in the tank at which the pumps are switched off. The suspension level should be set according to the pump manufacturer’s guidelines. The Stop float will only work in the lowered position.
  • Lower float Dry running – is the level of protection of the pump against overheating and pump air.

    ATTENTION! The working length of the floats should not be less than 15 cm due to the stiffness of the cable in sewage.

    Scheme of installation of floats in the tank:

SPD construction

  • Housing made of non-flammable material,
  • Degree of protection IP 54,
  • Watertight glands for all cables entering the cabinet,
  • Inner door (board) on which the controls and the control panel are placed,
    Lockable doors,
  • Installation options: hanging on the wall, mounting on a pedestal fixed to the tank plate or buried in the ground.


ATTENTION! In each of our cabinets there is a description of the elements and cable connectors, facilitating installation and service work.

All our control boxes have a CE Declaration of Conformity

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