Submersible mixer.

Product description


The submersible mixers of the DRX line have a wide range of application including homogenizing process in sewage treatment plant, water treatment, industrial and zootechnical applications.

Construction features

Main components in cast iron EN GJL-250. One mechanical seal and one lip seal in oil bath guarantee a perfect functioning. Mounting brackets in stainless steel AISI 416.


  • Asynchronous 4 pole motor squirrel cage rotor type.
  • Thermal protection embedded in the winding to be connected to suitable control panel.
  • Motor insulation: class F 155°
  • Protection: IP 68
  • Voltage: 230V/400V ± 5%
  • Frequency: 50Hz ± 2%

Cooling of the motor

The cooling of the motor is ensured by the liquid where the mixer is submerged.


Limits of use

  • Max. permissible liquid temperature: 40°C with pump fully submerged
  • On request, special version to withstand liquid temperature up to 60°C with pump fully submerged, no S1 service
  • Max immersion depth: 20 mt.
  • Permissible Ph value: 6-10
  • Max solid contents in the liquid: 10kg/m3
  • Mixing capacity: 100-150 ml/g
  • Mixing degree: 2.5

Marking legend

Flow range

List of components and materials

Technology and Features

2 blades propeller with inclination angle at 16°, designed to ensure the best efficiency and thrust.

Deflector ring
The special deflector ring prevents fibrous material and solids from entering in contact with the mechanical seal thus avoiding blockage problems.

Mounting bracket
The fixing bracket has been conceived to ensure high flexibility in installation and use. Maximum admissible rotation +/-15°.



Packaging dimension

Example of installation

Configuration of installation - round basin and rectangular basin


Installation with guide rail


Main specifications

• Fixed and adjustable installation with mast
• Robust and reliable installation
• All components are made of stainless stee

Handing installation


Main specifications

• Adjustable equipment with mast
• Quickly installation operation
• All components are made of stainless steel

Wall/floor mounted


Main specifications

• Adjustable installation on vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Flexibly installation
• All component are made of stainless steel

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