Grinder submersible electropumps with cutting system.
Radial shredder
Radial shredder
Domestic and economic sewage
Domestic and economic sewage
Household sewage system
Household sewage system
G1”1/4 – Dn32
Hmax 30m, Qmax 11m3/h

Product description


The Grix range of submersible pumps have an inbuilt macerator in the inlet. This breaks down solids in waste water which permits transport along relatively narrow, often pre-existing, pipes. Applications: domestic sewage, liquids with suspended solids, whenever high pressure (Hm) is needed.


The main components are fabricated in cast iron GG20 The configuration has a lip seal fitted to the motor side, and a mechanical seal in oil chamber, on the impeller side

Motor range

  • Squirrel cage motor in 2 poles version
  • Thermal protection embedded in the winding
  • Insulation class F 155°C
  • Motor protection IP 68

Motor cooling

The cooling of the motor is ensured by the liquid where the pump is submerged.

Limits of use

  • Max. permissible liquid temperature: 40°C with pump fully submerged.
  •  Maximum depth of immersion: 20 mt.
  • Permissible pH value: 6-10
  • Hydraulic features suitable for liquids with density <1,1 kg/dm3
  • Allowed voltage: 230V/400V ±5%
  • Allowed frequency: 50Hz ±2%

Marking legend

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Performance Overview

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List of components and materials

Technologies and solutions

Grinder system
The pump has a radial macerator in the inlet. The blades are made of hardened steel guaranteeing maximal cutting efficiency.

For the correct operation of the float switch on the three-phase version.

Flanged outlet
Flanged outlet DN32 PN6 with inner thread G 1”1/4 (female)

Horizontal Outlet DN32 PN6 – G 1”1/4
RPM 2850 1/min 2 poles

Performance Curve

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Technical specifications

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Rysunki pompy z rozdrabniaczem


Automatic coupling foot
Type: Duty 50 and EASY E 1.1/1.2

Thread hose connection 1”1/4


Przekroje kabli d pomp DRENO GRIX

Packaging dimension

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