Control boxes SPP for domestic pumping stations

Control boxes SPP for domestic pumping stations

SPP - Household Pumping Station Control is a perfect solution for home and small business

PHU DAMBAT offers professional control cabinets to control the operation of pumps in pumping stations: household, sewage, rainwater, sewage treatment plants and according to special guidelines of the customer. All our cabinets have a number of safeguards and amenities necessary to ensure the proper operation and protection of your pumps.

Versions SPP

  • SPP 1×0,28 – 2,2kW_230V – power supply for one 230V pump with a power from 0.28 to 2,2kW with a built-in control float ,
  • SPP 1×0,37 – 2,2kW_400V – power supply of one 400V pump with power from 0.37 to 2,2kW with built-in control float ,
  • SPP 1×0,28 – 2,2kW_230V+3P – power supply for one 230V pump with a power from 0.28 to 2,2kW ,
  • SPP 1×0,37 – 2,2kW_400V+3P – power supply of one 400V pump with a power from 0.37kW to 2,2kW ,
  • SPP 2×0,28 – 2,2kW_230V+3P – power supply of two 230V pumps with a power from 0.28 to 2,2kW ,
  • SPP 2×0,37 – 2,2kW_400V+3P – power supply of two 400V pumps with a power from 0.37 to 2,2kW .

Performed functions:

  • Power supply for one or two pumps 1-230V or 3-400V,
  • Main switch,
  • Residual current circuit breaker,
  • Motor overload protection for each pump,
  • Phase failure or sequence sensor (only for 3-400V pumps),
  • Auto-0-Hand: Automatic operation, turning the pumps off or on manually¹,
  • 3 control levels: Dry running – Start / Stop – Alarm¹,
  • Alternating operation of two pumps,
  • In the event of failure of one of the pumps, the other starts automatically,
  • One pump is changed over for long continuous operation, e.g. 20 minutes,
  • Optical failure indication:
    • pump failure,
    • exceeded level o fsewage in pumping station¹.

¹Does not apply to pumps with built-in float

For cooperation with our SPP control boxes, we recommend a 3P level signaling set consisting of:

  1. Float level switch – 3 pcs.
  2. Chain Ø3 DIN 763, stainless steel A4 – 1 piece.
  3. Long Ø4 shackles made of stainless steel A4 – 2 pcs.
  4. Stainless hook Ø10 stainless steel A2 – 1 pc.
  5. Cast iron chain weight – 1 pc.
  • Alarm upper float – signals that the permissible level of sewage in the tank is exceeded and activates optical signaling on the control cabinet housing.
  • Middle Start / Stop float – is responsible for the active volume (retention) in the tank. The length of the float should be selected according to the assumed level of switching the pump on and off. The minimum working length of the float ~ 15 cm (due to the possibility of bending the cable).
  • Lower Dry Run float – a level of pump protection against overheating and pump airing.

Diagram of the installation of floats in the tank:

Construction SPP

  • Oconstruction made of non-flammable material,
  • Protection level IP 66,
  • Watertight glands for all cables entering the cabinet,
  • The outer door is locked with a key,
  • Possibility of installation: hanging on the wall, mounting on a pedestal attached to the tank plate or buried in the ground.

ATTENTION! In each of our control boxes there are a description of elements and cable connectors, which facilitate installation and service works.

All our switchgears have the CE Declaration of Conformity

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