Sewage pump DRENO VTH 80-2 / 250 with a power of 25kW

Sewage pump DRENO VTH 80-2 / 250 with a power of 25kW

We are in a production plant in Leszno, where there are problems with the discharge of sewage to the treatment plant. We help to achieve the capacity of ~ 60m3 / h on the PE110 pipeline with a length of 800m. We are replacing the existing pump with a new one – the Italian manufacturer DRENO with a capacity of 25kW. Together with the pump, we install the infrastructure for the free lowering and lifting of the pumps, a new control system with Soft-Start and fittings preventing the backflow of sewage from the discharge pipeline to the pumping station.

Pump used:

  • DRENO VTH 80-2/250 with a power 25kW,
  • Vortex impeller with free passage 70mm, 2850rpm, connection DN80 PN16, Hmax = 53m Qmax = 150m3 / h, approximate operating point Hp ~ 48m Qp ~ 60m3 / h,
  • Purpose: raw sewage and rainwater, municipal and industrial sewage system.

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