Submersible electropumps with cutting system.
Axial shredder
Axial shredder
Domestic and economic sewage
Domestic and economic sewage
Household sewage system
Household sewage system
G2”– Dn32
Hmax 30m, Qmax 22m3/h

Product description


The G2 poles Series have an inbuilt macerator in the inlet. This breaks down solids in waste water which permits transport along relatively narrow, often pre-existing, pipes. Applications: domestic sewage, liquids with suspended solids, whenever high pressure (Hm) is needed.


The main components are fabricated in cast iron GG20 In the standard configuration a lip seal in oil chamber, is fitted to the motor side, and a mechanical seal to the impeller side.

Motor range

  • Squirrel cage motor at 2 poles
  • Thermal protection T1 and T2 embedded in the motor winding (to be wired to the three pole contactor in the control panel)
  • Class F insulation (155°C)
  • IP 68 protection

Motor cooling

The cooling of the motor is ensured by the liquid where the pump is submerged.

Limits of use

  • Max. permissible liquid temperature: 40°C with pump fully submerged
  • On request, special version (excluded ATEX) to withstand liquid temperature up to 60°C with pump fully submerged, no S1 service
  • Maximum depth of immersion: 20 MT.
  • Permissible pH value: 6-10
  • Hydraulic features suitable for liquids with density <1,1 kg/dm3
  • Allowed voltage: 230V/400V ±5%
  •  Allowed frequency: 50Hz ±2%

Marking legend

Pompa rozdrabniająca - Legenda

Performance Overview

Zakres pracy pompy rozdrabniającej GX

List of components and materials

Technologies and solutions

Grinding system
The pump has a macerator in the inlet with axial cutting action. The blades are made of hardened steel guaranteeing maximal cutting efficiency.

Explosion proof pumps
Pumps with explosion proof available on request.

Flanged outlet
Flanged outlet DN32 PN6 with inner thread G 2”(female)

Cable gland
The cable gland is made of stainless steel AISI 316 and certified according to the norm ATEX EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1. Standard on all series.

Horizontal Outlet DN32 – PN6 G 2”
RPM 2850 1/min 2 poles

Performance Curve

Charakterystyka pompy rozdrabniającej z frezem

Technical specifications

Tabela parametrów pompy rozdrabniającej GX
Pompa rozdrabniająca - wymiary


Automatic coupling foot
Type: DUTY 50 and EASY E 3.1/3.2

Thread hose connection 2”


Packaging dimension

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